Get ready for spring with Tivoli

Published 17 March 2022

Tivoli is our trusted local grounds maintenance partner who helps to cut grass, remove weeds, trim hedges, look after shrub beds and keep local environments tidy for WDH residents to enjoy.

Across the UK, Tivoli is responsible for 500 areas of parks and open spaces, ranging from small pockets of grass to large formal parks; sports amenity areas; cemeteries; play areas; housing land and country sites, so they know a thing or two about looking after your garden.

Spring is in the air and it’s a great time to get out into the garden. Here are some Tivoli tips to get your garden ready for the new season:

  • Tidy up flower beds and borders - have a general tidy up by removing leaves and other debris. You can cut back the old dead growth of deciduous grasses and herbaceous perennials too.
  • Order summer-flowering bulbs and seeds - flowers like lilies, gladioli, dahlias and begonias can all be ordered for early-spring planting.
  • Create a composting area - this could be buying a ready-made compost bin or building your own using spare wood.
  • Start collecting rainwater - adding a water butt into your garden makes the most of seasonal rainfall.
  • Clean and sharpen your gardening tools - maintaining them saves you money in the long run and helps prevent the spread of disease (especially common from dirty secateurs).


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