Everyone can do it; save lives!

Published 3 September 2015

WDH is running a free awareness day for people to learn basic life saving skills at Light Waves Leisure Centre, Wakefield, on 5 September.

The 90-minute courses, which are being run in partnership with the Heartbeat of Sport charity,  teach emergency lifesaving skills and they are free to attend. People can learn about how to recognise sudden cardiac arrest and heart attack, administering first response care, effective CPR, AED, and what to do in case somebody is choking.

The number of sudden cardiac arrests in the UK is very high and figures show if someone learnt the lifesaving skills and performed immediately’ it can multiply the victim’s chance of survival.  WDH intends to address this health concern that impacts our entire community and encourages people to learn these simple but lifesaving skills.

Contact the WDH Engagement Team on 0345 8 507 507 or tenants@wdh.co.uk.

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