Don’t forget, we’re still helping people into work

Published 1 May 2020


The Community Employment Team is continuing to help tenants back into work by offering a telephone support service during lockdown.

The Employment Advisors are working remotely with all advice and support given over email and phone to make sure tenants are still getting any support they need to find employment in these unprecedented times.

The team is working hard to source work opportunities for any tenants who are finding themselves out of work, especially throughout the current crisis.

Recent successes, in spite of the lockdown include supporting a tenant who had been laid off just before the lockdown and was not able to qualify for any benefits due to his partner working full-time. After the team helped him to contact various agencies, he was successfully offered temporary employment at the end of April.

Another tenant became unemployed due to lockdown. The team contacted him with details of different job vacancies and supported him with applications resulting in him finding temporary employment.

Both were happy with the help they received and to be back at work in a better position financially during this difficult time.

Whilst the lockdown has resulted in many people losing their jobs, we are being contacted by recruiters daily so please if you or anyone you know could benefit from our service, contact the team on 07776 245824 / communityemploymentadvisors@wdh.co.uk




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