Computers are just the job for South Kirkby tenants

Published 10 June 2014

A work club in South Kirkby have been given an important boost after the arrival of six computers from WDH.

The refurbished PCs will be used by members of the South Kirkby Community Association on West Street, as well as those looking for employment, and will encourage more people to join the race online.

Prior to the arrival of the machines, members of the work club depended on a small number of old and unreliable laptops which made accessing the internet difficult.

But Peter Buttree, Chairman of the Community Association, said things had changed for the better thanks since the computers were installed.

“It’s fabulous,” he said. “We’re always having to update and increase technology and when you haven’t got it, you can’t help people back into employment.

“They’ve been a great asset because it means we can run courses too, and give people the support they need.”

Darren Wood, Service Support Manager at WDH, said: “I’m really pleased that even more equipment which WDH no longer has a business need for can become such a vital tool in helping members of our communities find work.”

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