Community safety as restrictions lift: Dealing with anti-social behaviour.

Published 19 July 2021

This week is antisocial behaviour (ASB) awareness week organised by RESOLVE and to support this the Community Safety team will be posting information, advice, and focal points of the work the team do throughout the week. Starting with dealing with crime prevention. 

As we start to enjoy more and more freedom following the lifting of government restrictions, the Community Safety team would like to highlight some points to be aware of when dealing with crime prevention at work as well as at home, what you can do and who to contact.

People will once again begin to socialise and enjoy public spaces more than before during the summer months. This could lead to an increase in anti-social behaviour (ASB) or nuisance behaviour in our communities.  Therefore, it’s important to guard against complacency and remain vigilant about safety, including both personal and property safety.  

What is nuisance / ASB?

ASB causes annoyance, disturbance or distress that prevents people from enjoying their homes peacefully and quietly.

People can try and help situations by taking time to look at alternatives before immediately reporting the matter to WDH first. For example: having the confidence to approach neighbours first as it may relate to simple misunderstandings or different lifestyles.

You can see what to do about ASB including crime prevention, being respectful and noise as well as domestic abuse, animals, and bogus calling. Visit the community safety page for more information.

Bogus calling

Some criminals impersonate others to carry out crimes. With agencies now beginning to deliver front line services again, people need to be wary of bogus calling and doorstep selling. These bogus callers can be quite convincing and will try and talk their way into your home. For more information on how to deal with bogus callers and scammers visit here.

Gary Lumb, Community Safety Manager, said: “It is beneficial to understand and be aware of what steps to take if you experience ASB. Our community safety page covers everything, including who to contact in the first instance. Now that even more social restrictions are lifting it is always important for people to remain vigilant in keeping safe.”

He added: “I am also pleased to say that we have just retendered our neighbourhood mediation contract and Yorkshire Mediation based in Wakefield have again been successful. This ensures we are working proactively once again in the district with the mediation service in keeping communities safe.”

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