Community Grant keeps angling spot beautiful

Published 4 September 2015

A WDH Community Grant worth over £450 has helped keep a local beauty spot clean and safe for local fisherman and residents to use.

Wakefield Angling Club has been working for over 10 years to maintain Walkers Dam, Alverthorpe, in order to make it appealing to fishing club members and members of the public.

The money from the grant was spent on trees, shrubs and plants to continue to improve the environment around the Dam in order to attract more wildlife and visitors to the area. 

Harry Lodge, the chairman of the Wakefield Angling Club, said: “I am so pleased that this money has allowed us to continue with our project here at Walkers Dam. We have worked closely with people on work placement from Interserve on this project, they have done a lot of the planting and have done a fantastic job around the lake to make it safer and more environmentally sound.”

“Not only do we have anglers come and fish here, families often come in the summer and have a picnic by the lake.”

Kathryn Hutchinson, WDH’s Tenant Involvement Officer, and Dorothy Kitchen, a member of WDH’s North West Area Neighbourhood Panel, presented the cheque to Mr Lodge on behalf of the Wakefield Angling Club at Walkers Dam.

Kathryn said: “This project is great because not only does it support the long-term sustainability of a local beauty spot, it also directly benefits an area that is accessible for many of our tenants.”

WDH has offered more than £152,000 of community grants to local groups in the last 10 years.

For more information on how to apply for a WDH Community Grant, visit www.wdh.co.uk


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