Cold Calling Control Zone set up to protect tenants in Eastmoor

Published 8 July 2016

WDH, in partnership with West Yorkshire Trading Standards and West Yorkshire Police, has launched another Cold Calling Control Zone on Greenhill Road and Stanley Road in Eastmoor, Wakefield.  

Officers from WDH and West Yorkshire Trading Standards were on hand last week to speak to residents as well as distribute stickers and leaflets on Greenhill and Stanley Road. Signs were erected at the entrances to the zone warning cold callers that they are not welcome. 

There are now Cold Calling Control Zones in many WDH neighbourhoods, arming residents with the knowledge they need to be safe within their homes but, most importantly, the confidence to say no to cold callers and prevent incidents involving rogue traders, distraction burglaries, pushy sales people and doorstep criminals. The zones act as a deterrent to constant door knocking which is often seen as a nuisance, but can also cause anxiety and stress to people. They give tenants the confidence to say no to uninvited callers and help to reduce the levels and fear of crime in areas that were previously affected.

Chris Croxall, WDH’s Tenant Involvement Officer said: “We had reports of rogue traders targeting the residents of Greenhill Road and Stanley Road, therefore we are delighted to have this zone which gives our tenants the strength to stand up for themselves and to feel safer in their own homes.”

David Lodge, Head of West Yorkshire Trading Standards said: “Protecting the safety of the communities of West Yorkshire is important, and that’s why this Cold Calling Control Zone has been introduced. By working with residents, and our partners to enforce this zone we can ensure that cold callers get the message that they are not welcome.” 

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