Children’s safety is a site better

Published 2 February 2015

Creative youngsters at Shay Lane Primary School were given prizes after producing building site safety posters.

Children at the school in Crofton, which is close to WDH’s live development just off nearby Hawthorn Court, were visited by Site Manager Dave Hobbs and Tenant Involvement Officer Chris Croxall just before Christmas for an important talk on being responsible and safe when near the site.

They were set a challenge to create a safety poster to highlight the dangers of machinery, the importance of Personal Protective Equipment and the ways that accidents can be avoided.

Earlier this week Dave and members of WDH’s Homebuilder team returned to the school to judge the posters and face the difficult task of choosing a winner from each year group.

Dave said: “From Year 2 right through to Year 6 the children showed they had listened very closely to the important safety messages of our visit last year and had clearly put a lot of thought, time and effort into the posters. Choosing the winners was exceptionally difficult and even though we were able to pick out five for prizes, we were so impressed with all the work that we’re going to use the rest of the posters to decorate the hoarding around the site.”

The winners, who each received a £10 Argos voucher, were Lucinda Doherty (y2), Amber Crossland (y3), Tibor Pinkava (y4), Kaitlyn Amos (y5) and Lucy Gallivan (y6).

The site at Hawthorn Court will consist of 32-timber framed properties and is due to be completed later this year.

Pictured: Back row: Angie Connell (WDH) Chris Croxall (WDH) David Wright (Headteacher) Michelle Davidson (Deputy Headteacher) Dave Hobbs (WDH) Kat Backhouse (WDH)

Front row: Tibor Pinkava, Kaithlyn Amos, Amber Crossland, Lucy Gallivan, Lucinda Doherty.

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