Celebrating the work of our Mental Health Navigators on World Mental Health Day 2019

Published 10 October 2019

Today is World Mental Health Day (Thursday 10 October 2019) and as an organisation we work hard to ensure that we look after our employees and tenant’s mental health.

We employ a team of Mental Health Navigators who work with our tenants to support them with mental health issues and help them to overcome these and continue to stay in their homes.

‘Sarah’s’ story shows the value that our Mental Health Navigators bring to tenants who are struggling with their mental health and shows how working with other teams and partner agencies we can help them to turn things around.

‘Sarah’ was referred to the Wellbeing Team by the Tenancy Ready Team as she was suffering from a range of problems ranging from depression, due to the loss of a close family member, pain as a result of a disability, anger management issues and suicidal thoughts. She was assigned a Mental Health Navigator to work one on one with her to help her manage these issues.

‘Sarah’ received emotional support from our Mental Health Navigator and was referred for psychological therapy and long term support. She also was given help to access Homesearch and bid on properties and assigned a Wellbeing Caseworker to help meet any housing and practical needs that she had. They helped with a referral to the Adaptations Team for a Health and Medical Rehousing Assessment which resulted in her gaining a band B and a priority move to a suitable property for her disability when one becomes available.

‘Sarah’s’ Mental Health Navigator was able to refer her to Social Care Direct for a care needs assessment and she has now had a social worker allocated and an assessment completed. With our support she is able to self-manage her mental health related conditions. ‘Sarah’ now feels able to bid on properties and has received support from Cash Wise and our Tenancy Ready Team to ensure she will be able to manage her own tenancy and finances, without it becoming overwhelming for her.


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