Celebrating the hard work of our apprentice mentors

Published 7 March 2019

Over 30 apprentices are currently completing an apprenticeship with us and each of them has the support of a mentor, to provide valuable advice and support in their chosen trade.

Our mentoring support allows job experts to provide day to day support to pass on valuable skills, knowledge and experience to those taking their first steps into working life.

Mentors play a huge role in helping our apprentices to understand the wider world of work, which is important for those who are often entering the workplace for the first time. Alongside the practical skills, they help apprentices to settle in, build confidence, overcome challenges, recognise strengths and develop professionalism all of which are key to the success of their careers.

Jay Stirling, WDH’s Apprentice Electrician said: “My mentor, Phil, has helped me understand a lot since I started my apprenticeship. He’s built up my confidence by explaining how to complete tasks, and helping me to practice until I could complete them on my own. Working with Phil has given me real experience of what it means to be an electrician, things I wouldn’t learn in college!”

Phil Harrison, WDH’s Electrician and Jay’s mentor, said: “Supporting apprentices is a great opportunity for us to share our own experiences and skills. It’s rewarding to see how far they progress from the start of their apprenticeships.”

Amy Fishbourne, WDH’s Apprentice Review Officer, said: “Thank you to everyone who has put in the hard work and dedication to support our apprentices!”

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