Cash Wise helps its 1,000th tenant!

Published 4 February 2016

Our Cash Wise initiative has reached a landmark achievement after helping 1,000 social housing tenants to improve their finances.

Janet Proctor, 52, from Knottingley, recently received help to clear rent arrears. Janet received support to get some of her child tax credits and benefits reinstated as well as advice which lead to her reducing her water bill by £2.50 a week. She also needed a new washing machine as hers had broken and she had no means to buy a new one. Debbie Walsh, a Cash Wise Officer, helped her successfully apply to get this through Wakefield Council’s Local Welfare Provision scheme, which is designed to meet short-term emergency needs of vulnerable people.

Janet said: “They have been brilliant. I was reluctant to do it at first but Debbie has been fantastic and she’s really helped me. I wouldn’t be where I am without the help of Cash Wise. I’d recommend them to anyone who needs that bit of extra help.”

Debbie said: “For anyone struggling to manage their money or tenancy the Cash Wise team can help. It feels great to have helped so many people in our local area get themselves back on track.”

For support and advice visit: www.getcashwise.co.uk

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