Care Link - John and Jean’s story

Published 23 November 2018

Care Link – providing peace of mind

For you – it’s a guarantee that you’ll get support in an emergency situation.

For your loved one – it’s the peace of mind knowing there is help and support at the touch of a button.

For families – it’s a convenient way to support loved ones when you can’t be there.

For carers – it’s a chance to have a well-deserved break knowing your loved ones are being looked after 24 hours a day.

We believe that people of all ages, in good health or bad, deserve to live confidently in their own home, and Care Link supports people to do this.

John and Jean’s story

Jean recognised her husband needed more support at home after he had his first fallaround five years ago. She heard about Care Link from the nurses while John was in hospital and felt it would be a good solution for them. Care Link provides a range of support services to over 15,000 people living in the Wakefield district. Using a combination of home visiting, discreet sensors and new technology, Care Link provides a 24 hour responder service in a range of packages to suit people’s needs and budgets.

She said: “I knew we needed some help. It wasn’t fair to expect our children and grandchildren to keep coming over to help. At first we simply had the Care Link alarm but after John started having more falls, I felt we needed the responder service as well.”

John’s medical condition makes him unsteady on his feet and he often falls out of bed. His wife, Jean, was often unable to lift him, meaning he spent hours on the floor until paramedics arrived. With the Care Link responder service, once John’s alarm is pressed, a trained Care Link responder will now go out and get him back on his feet with the help of a lifting cushion or chair, often eliminating the need for a trip to hospital.

John said: “Having the Care Link responder service is invaluable for us. Not only do we not have to rely on family, we know that someone will be out to us quickly and they will have me back on my feet. It has really helped to reduce the number of times I’ve had to stayin hospital.”

Jean said: “It is worth every penny. It gives us peace of mind to know someone is coming as soon as that button is pressed.”

To find out more about Care Link, call 01977 788 000 or visit www.wdh.co.uk/CareLink.

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