Beware of the cold callers

Published 6 March 2020

We are aware that recently a high number of phone calls have been made to WDH tenants ‘offering’ loft insulation.

They are cold callers and we want all tenants to be mindful of these phone calls. This type of contact is not illegal but can be a nuisance and can cause some confusion. We will always contact tenants in advance of any contract work taking place. If you have any repair issues this is what you need to do.

If you are experiencing cold callers, please visit our advice page on how to prevent this.

Cold callers or bogus callers?

While cold calling can be a pest, bogus calling can be more serious and can lead to carrying out a crime in your home. We advise all tenants to be aware of any bogus calling in which the caller could impersonate others such as WDH to carry out a crime.

For more information on how to deal with bogus callers, please visit our advice page.

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