A vibrant and forward thinking service - Care Link are certified to the new Quality Standards Framework

Published 27 November 2018

Care Link has been certified to the Quality Standards Framework and recently received the award at the International Technology Enabled Care Conference gala dinner.

In September 2018, Care Link underwent an annual audit from the TEC Services Association (TSA) and moved onto the new Quality Standards Framework (QSF). The process included submitting evidence to demonstrate the services compliance with QSF followed by an intensive two-day site visit.

During the visit, the auditor met with a number of Care Link employees as well as those representing Wellbeing, Organisational Development, Business Systems and Information Governance. She also met with employees from the Reablement Team at Wakefield Council and Care Link customers.

In the resulting report the auditor highlighted that Care Link demonstrated a vibrant, forward thinking service that is well managed and has the service user at its centre. Throughout the report Care Link was commended for the effective partnership working arrangements they have with other organisations and that on the whole they deliver a safe, quality-led service to clients.

Kirsty Jewitt, Care Link Manager said: “Accreditation to the QSF provides recognition for the quality service we deliver daily. It also allows for real innovation and gives us a platform to showcase our achievements.”

The QSF replaces the old TSA Code of Practice and this is audited by TEC Quality. TEC Quality is an independent organisation that has been set up to develop and run the QSF.  TEC Quality sets the standards and it audits and certifies organisations against these standards.


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