Normanton man finds his dream career with WDH’s help

Published 18 December 2015

A man from Normanton has started his dream career thanks to WDH.  

Attila Gyokos, 21, spent six months working at the social landlord as a Project Support Assistant, and during this time he was supported to gain new skills and find full-time work. 

Whilst in the role, Geoff Kirk, WDH’s Service Director for Business Systems, noticed that Attila had strong programming skills. Geoff contacted Graham Howarth, Chief Executive of Sarcophagus, a Wakefield-based company that develop and host a range of software for businesses including ASDA and Audi. 

Geoff met Graham on the steering group of Wakefield Bondholders, and so knew his company were looking for someone with programming skills. After discussing Attila’s credentials, he was eventually offered a two-week trial at the company working as a web developer. 

Following his trial the company he was offered a full-time role as a web developer. 

Graham said: “WDH has helped our business immensely. To find someone who has the exact skill set we require and the passion that Attila has for the role is fantastic.”

Attila will now be working on developing Inspiringskills.com, a not-for-profit web application.  The application matches schools and colleges with businesses by creating engagement between them and enabling young people to improve and demonstrate they have work-ready skills. He will also work on Squirrelit, an application for young people that allows them to record and store academic achievements alongside practical examples of softer skills, to help improve their employability. 

Attila said: “I am so grateful that I had the opportunity through WDH to find exactly what I wanted to do in life. They helped me to find a career and not just a job. It feels fantastic to be moving upwards.

“I feel like I have come full circle as the project I am working on allows young people to find employment, which I feel really passionate about after my own experiences.”


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