WDH and Spectrum teach pupils in Wakefield about the dangers of alcohol

Published 3 July 2019

WDH has teamed up with Spectrum CIC to teach pupils at a primary school in Wakefield about the dangers of alcohol.

Andy Simms from Spectrum CIC led the session with year six pupils at Greenhill Primary school warning them about the dangers of alcohol.

The students designed posters to warn people about the dangers of drinking and the five winners were each presented with a £10 Argos voucher by Chris Croxall, WDH’s Tenant Involvement Officer.

Martin Fenton, Head teacher at Greenhill Primary School, said: “The workshop was a great success. The children found it very interesting and thought-provoking. It allowed to think about the different ways in which alcohol might affect people's lives and to reflect on how they might approach these issues in the future.”

Andrew Simms, from Spectrum CIC, said: “The lesson linked underage drinking to the antisocial behaviour and vandalism that can happen in the community, focusing on local parks and how it may then impact on other people such as mothers and toddlers, family and friends, people with disabilities, even the park’s litter pickers and the local police. The posters created were fantastic and showed a real understanding of the issues caused by alcohol to people’s health and the impact to their community.”

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