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Our customers

Marian's story

Marian has osteoporosis and lives alone. She is an active person and enjoys her independence. After a fall at the bottom of her garden, and struggling to get up, she decided that the time was right to take out Care Link. Care Link gave her the peace of mind she needed. If she were to fall again, at the touch of a button she'd be able to get the support she needed.

Dorothy's story

Having previously led an active lifestyle working for the Police, Dorothy had a stroke in 2012 that left her left arm and leg completely paralysed. Dorothy lives alone and was informed about Care Link through her social worker. As soon as she heard about the service she immediately made the calls necessary to give herself peace of mind.

After a fall at 3am in her bathroom, Dorothy was unable to get up, so she used her pendant alarm to alert Care Link that she needed help. Within 20 minutes a Care Link responder was at her home helping her back to her feet, and back into bed.

Dorothy said: “This service is a life saver; you'll never be on the ground without help! I recommend it to anyone. The first time you fall you'll need it! I feel totally safe now in my own home. It's brought my independence back.”

West Yorkshire Police

Working with Care Link has been very productive for us. Once we have risk assessed repeat callers to the police for vulnerability, we can clearly define those that need a police or partnership intervention and put a process in place to help them. However, there are increasing numbers of callers who require no intervention at all other than a chat with someone and perhaps a degree of reassurance.

By installing Care Link equipment for this small group of people along with their own individual action plan, we are not only able to service their needs, but reduce demand on the front line and target resources more appropriately. A spin off benefit was that we used Proceeds of Crime money to fund this. What better way to use the ill-gotten gains of criminals!

Inspector Ian Williams, West Yorkshire Police

Share your story

If you'd like to share your story about how Care Link is making a difference to your life, contact us today.

Mary's Story

Mary suffered a fall at home and would have been on the floor for hours had it not been for the Care Link Responder Service. If she were to fall again, at the touch of a button she'd be able to get the support she needed and avoid a trip to hospital.

Doreen’s story

Doreen with a Care Link Van

Doreen's mum is 97 and lives in a sheltered housing scheme in Rothwell. She has short-term memory problems and uses a walking frame.

Having previously used another telecare provider, Doreen decided to switch to Care Link to make sure her mum received the best support possible if she were to fall. Doreen has the Premium package, but for additional peace of mind she also pays for the Take a Break service to cover those times when she goes away throughout the year.

Doreen says that the flexibility the service offers her is very helpful and she especially likes that she can have someone call her mum at midday, after carers have visited in the morning and before they attend again in the afternoon.

Doreen said: “They are so professional and they really give me peace of mind whenever I'm away.”

Wakefield Council

Care Link is commissioned by Wakefield Council to provide installation, monitoring and response for its clients who have been assessed as having critical or substantial needs under the Fair Access to Care Services eligibility criteria and require telecare to meet those needs.

Wakefield Council
I feel safe and content knowing that there is someone from Care Link at the end of the phone if I need them.
Care Link customer
For peace of mind Care Link is a good thing to have. My husband will be 80 in May, so it's there if needed. The older you get the more help you need.
Wife of a Care Link customer

John’s Story

John retired from a busy career as a national salesman having driven over three million miles during his working life. Following his retirement he suffered a stroke which then caused him to have further seizures, which can only be managed through medication.

John heard about Care Link through Stacey, his Stroke Support Coordinator and decided to have it installed straight away! He also chose to have a medication dispenser as part of his package to help keep him track of his important medication and prevent further seizures.

If John doesn't take his tablets the medication dispenser triggers an alert to Care Link who then call John’s wife or sister to remind him. This ensures John never misses a medication dose. It also means his wife can now go out and visit friends and family without having to worry that John will forget his medication.

John said: "Having the Care Link service has probably saved my life. I’ve gone one year without a seizure thanks to your products as I haven’t missed one tablet! I really can’t fault the service at all, it has really helped with my recovery. One word that sums Care Link up for me is perfect!"

At the moment I am OK, but my wife has early dementia, leukaemia, vertigo and osteoporosis. I care for her and it is good and reassuring to know that help is at hand if we need it.
Husband of a Care Link customer
My mother and I live together and she wears her pendant all the time. She is house bound, and when I am out shopping, I have peace of mind knowing that if she fell or needed help she could get help from Care Link. It is a lifeline for her.
Daughter of a Care Link customer
I am partially sighted and prone to dizzy spells - Care Link gives me security and peace of mind to enable me to continue living independently.
Care Link customer
In the last seven months Care Link has been my lifeline. Care Link has been the way to get the medical treatment I've needed. What I thought was minor has turned out to be major medical problems i.e. heart, cancer, gall bladder.
Care Link customer