The social value to our tenants

Making a big impact on Smirthwaite Estate

Smirthwaite in Wakefield was built in 1965 and has 311 properties. Unfortunately, since 2010, there was a reduction in demand for homes on the estate, mainly as a result of reputational issues, antisocial behaviour, poor quality external environment and a high concentration of single people on benefits. The introduction of the welfare reforms, particularly the bedroom tax, also contributed to the abandonment of properties and terminated tenancies.

How we did it

A regeneration plan was developed to address concerns, increase demand and ensure the long-term sustainability of the estate. This amounted to a significant investment to carry out a two year regeneration programme. The work started in 2014 and was completed in 2017.

Efficiency - who has benefited and how?

Initial analysis shows a positive shift. We have experienced a 42% reduction in ASB communications on the estate and another 42% reduction in calls to West Yorkshire police. So far the changes have resulted in £130,000 annual cost savings.