Cash Wise case study

Cash Wise helps David get back on track

David was referred to Cash Wise from our Debt team to get help to manage his finances better. David had no income and was already in substantial rent arrears with a possession notice served against him.

When meeting David, it was clear that he wasn’t in good health and his wellbeing was suffering. He hadn’t left his property in two years and lived a reclusive lifestyle, unable to even put his bins out. He was hoarding all his mail as didn’t feel strong enough to deal with letters and his financial affairs and as a result missed a medical assessment which meant his income had stopped.

How we did it

After four visits, the Cash Wise team built up a good rapport with David and were able to work through all his unopened mail and help him to understand his incomings and outgoings and address other issues.

The team helped him to access benefits that were available to him and with backdated payments, David was able to pay his rent arrears and access other funds and benefits to help him.

The team arranged for a water meter to be fitted saving David £250 per year, they contacted his bank and arranged for bank charges to be dropped and recovered a dormant bank account containing £140. Standing Orders and Direct debits were set up for priority payments to make sure David never forgot to make important payments.

To help further with David’s wellbeing, temporary food parcels were arranged and a home visit was set up with his GP. David is now working with one of our Mental Health Navigators and he has been referred to Rethink for further support with daily tasks.

Efficiency - who has benefited and how?

David is now taking a more positive approach to his finances, making huge progress in managing his money. His daily wellbeing has drastically improved with him now being able to cope with daily tasks. We have also benefited with time being saved chasing debt and rent arrears and not having to relet the property had it become void.

David said: “I was in a terrible state before Cash Wise started to support me. Their non-judgemental attitude and positive support has been key to help me turn my life around to get me to a point where I feel I have some control over my finances and feel stronger to cope with daily tasks. Thank you so much.”