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Care Link

Care and support for elderly, disabled and vulnerable people, in their own homes, in the Wakefield district. Care Link brings peace of mind 24 hours a day, every day, at the touch of a button.

FOR YOU – it's making sure, while you’re at work or away, your loved one can get support if they need it.

FOR YOUR LOVED ONE – it's the peace of mind knowing they have help and support at the touch of a button.

FOR BUSY FAMILIES – it's a convenient way to support your loved ones when you can’t be there.

FOR CARERS – it's a chance to have that well deserved break knowing your loved ones are being looked after 24 hours a day.

More information

If you would like more information please fill in your name, telephone number or email address and someone from the Care Link team will be in touch.

Call us on 01977 78 80 00

Which level of service is right for you?

From as little as £3.99 per week

The features of Care Link Standard:

  • An alarm in your home connected to us.
  • Personal pendant alarm.
  • Alarm calls answered within seconds.
From as little as £5.60 per week

The features of Care Link Standard, plus:

  • Emergency response service.
  • Quick response, usually within 30 minutes.
  • Great for busy working families.
Premium Plus
From as little as £12.50 per week

The features of Care Link Premium, plus:

  • Home Visiting Service.
  • Individual support plan.
  • A bit more company with a personal touch.

Your questions answered

Who needs Care Link?

It's not just the elderly who can benefit from a personal alarm system in their own home. Care Link has more than 15,000 customers, some of who are vulnerable, have a disability or just want some added security. Care Link also gives carers and family member’s peace of mind knowing their loved ones have help and support at the touch of a button.

Read our Case Studies to see how Care Link has changed the lives of four of our customers and their families.

What does Care Link offer?

Care Link can provide as much or little support as you want from less than 60 pence a day. It brings peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that help and support is always on hand 24 hours a day, every day.

The services range from a pendant worn on the wrist or around the neck, which can be pressed at times of concern to a home visiting service and emergency response.

The care link process

We will visit you in your home and discuss your circumstances and recommend the Care Link service most suitable for you. If you would like a family member or friend to be there when we visit then that’s fine – we welcome the chance to talk to them too to understand your needs better.

What Care Link Service is right for you?

We offer three basic packages Standard, Premium, and Premium Plus detailed below:


Gives support through an alarm installed in your home and connected to Care Link through your telephone line 24 hours a day, every day.

A discreet personal alarm worn as a watch or pendant that can be pressed any time, day or night for any emergency.

Our Care Link contact centre can pick up your alarm call within seconds. They will speak to you directly through the Care Link alarm installed in your home to find out what has happened.

If you need help the Care Link operator will try to get hold of a loved one. If they can’t, and the situation is urgent, they will contact the emergency services.


Includes all of the features of Care Link Standard with the added benefit of an emergency response service.

If you need help the Care Link operator will aim to get hold of a loved one and if they can’t, they will send a responder to your home.

We provide a quick, potentially life saving response, usually within 30 minutes of the alarm being raised and no longer than one hour.

Great for busy working families who can’t always be there to respond to a loved one when they need it.

Premium Plus

Includes all of the features of Care Link Premium with the added benefit of a visiting service by one of our friendly Community Support Workers.

Our specially trained team of Community Support Workers will agree a support plan and visits to fit in with your individual requirements.

Great for those who would like a bit more company and support with a personal touch.

All costs include the Care Link system being set up in your home with the latest technology.

Additional Sensors

Additional sensors can be added to any of the above packages from as little as 73p each week. We offer sensors for a wide variety of needs, such as:

  • Door alarms that alert when someone leaves the property when they shouldn’t – additional peace of mind for carers of loved ones with Dementia.
  • Fire and carbon monoxide sensors so we can contact the emergency services straight away if they are activated.
  • Temperature extremes sensor to alert Care Link if it gets too hot or too cold which can cause a risk to health – perfect in winter or very warm periods in summer.

There's a Care Link service available to suit your needs and budget

For more information about the full range of Care Link services contact us today.

Tel: 01977 788000

Carers Take a Break

Enjoy the benefits of the Care Link system on a short term basis.

Care Link can be installed and set up for short periods of time covering the job of a carer while they take a break.

We understand that as a carer you need to take a break too. Care Link’s Carers Take a Break service gives carers and families the support they need to recharge their batteries.

All costs include the Care Link system being set up in your home with the latest Tunstall Lifeline Vi technology and the installation of a secure Care Link key safe outside the home to ensure quick access when it is needed.

For more information about how Care Link can help you call 01977 788000 or email

Recommend a friend

Are you already on Care Link? If so recommend a friend to us and receive a £20 voucher!

If you are already a Care Link customer and you know someone who would benefit from the service too then recommend them to us and you could receive a £20 voucher.

There are many ways you recommend a friend to Care Link. Please make sure you have their permission before you give us their details.

Phone us on 01977 788000 with your details and the details of the person you would like to refer to Care Link or fill in the form below after reading the terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions

  • The incentive scheme applies to new customers of Care Link only.
  • The referral form must be fully completed by a current Care Link customer.
  • The referral must be unique to qualify for the voucher. If more than one referral is made for the same person the first referral will be accepted.
  • You will receive confirmation that we have received a unique referral.
  • The incentive voucher will be payable when a customer signs up for Care Link for the minimum period of 12 weeks and the first month's payment is received.
  • All customers will have a 21 day cooling off period where they can cancel the service with immediate effect. Should this happen the incentive voucher will not be awarded to the referrer.
Customer Details:
Your details:

A quality service and award winning team that you can trust

Care Link works with Wakefield Council Family Services, Education and Leisure Services, the Health Service, Police and the Fire Service.

It plays a major role in supporting people who have just left hospital, and in helping to promote community safety.

Care Link became the first business in Yorkshire to achieve full accreditation from its representative body the Telecare Services Association (TSA) in September 2011, successfully maintaining it in 2012. More information on our performance against the Telecare Service Authority (TSA) key performance indicators can be found in the Care Link Annual Report 2014.

If you would like printed copies of our latest information leaflet please email your full contact details with the number of leaflets you would like to Alternatively, if you just need one copy, you can download a copy of the Care Link leaflet here.

If you represent an organisation that would benefit by having more information about the service and you would like us to come along and present to your teams, please send an email to with your contact details or call 01977 788000.

Care Link Annual Report 2014