Shared ownership

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How does shared ownership work?

When it comes to buying a house, saving for a deposit can be a major stumbling block – especially with rising house prices.

But don’t worry – WDH’s shared ownership can provide help to buy your first home and get your foot on property ladder.

If you are a first time buyer, a housing association tenant or are a member of the WDH HomeSearch scheme, our shared ownership scheme could be the ideal way to buy a property. Shared ownership is perfect for people who cannot afford to buy a house outright, because they can instead buy a share of the property and pay an affordable rent on the rest.

Initial shares are available from 50 per cent up to 75 per cent.

That means:

  • Cheaper repayments than renting from private landlords;
  • A low deposit mortgage;
  • You can keep buying shares until you own your home;
  • Your first home could be a new build house;
  • Help for first time buyers

Do I qualify for shared ownership?

You can apply for our shared ownership scheme if:

  • You are a first time buyer
  • A housing association/social housing tenant
  • On the WDH Homesearch scheme or another housing waiting list
  • In housing need due to a relationship breakdown.

An example of shared ownership

This table provides an example of a total monthly payment under WDH's Shared Ownership Scheme
Payment Type Amount
Full house price £120,000
50 per cent share £60,000
Monthly mortgage payment * £304
Rent plus applicable charges ** £157
Total monthly payment £461

* Monthly mortgage payment based on a 30 year mortgage at 4.95% interest rate (interest rates may vary) with a 5% deposit paid.

** Rent and charges reviewed annually.

Details are correct as of January 2016.

What to do next

All new applicants must be initially assessed for eligibility for the scheme by the local Help to Buy agent.

To apply online visit Help to Buy North East, Yorkshire & Humberside or phone 0113 8256888 and ask for an application form. When you receive your letter of approval you can contact our Sales and Leasehold Officer on 0345 8 507 507 to register your interest.