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How do I get a community grant?

Community Grant Scheme

If you have an idea for a project involving your local community group, you might be able to receive some financial assistance or funding in the form of a WDH Community Grant.

Your group could receive up to £1,500 to fund a community project.

The aim of the Community Grant Scheme is to provide small grants for local community and voluntary groups that operate within our communities.

The groups’ work must aim to

  • Support the annual priorities and provide funding for activities and events that are important to WDH tenants.
  • Strengthen small voluntary organisations and local community groups in the areas covered by WDH.
  • Provide support for activities and projects that will benefit the communities in which WDH tenants live.

Support will be particularly targeted to projects that directly contribute to achieving our vision to create confident communities.

Grants are only available to groups and not individuals or commercial businesses.

Please refer to the Community Grant Scheme Guidance for Applicants and the application form to find out how to apply.

Please note that there are two windows a year for receiving applications. In 2017 the two windows are 3 April to19 May and 7 August to 22 September. If you apply for supporting an event please be aware that the fund will be paid at the end of the funding process which is approximately 10 weeks after application deadline.

For more information, please email Neighbourhood Panel.

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