Will I have to move because of the Bedroom Tax?

Bedroom Tax – your housing options

If you are affected by the Bedroom Tax, you will not necessarily have to move. However, you may want to move to a smaller property.

Either way, you have options. You can:

Option 1: Stay in your current home and make up the shortfall in your rent

  • You could cover the shortfall from your other personal income. To assist with this we can refer you for budgeting and debt advice.
  • You could try to find work or increase your hours. To assist with this we can offer or refer you to employment support. Please contact us on 0345 8 507 507 if you would help with applying for a job.
  • You could take in a lodger or another family member. You need to think very carefully about sharing your home with someone else and you must obtain our permission before you do this. The lodger’s income may affect your Housing Benefit claim and you may have to collect rent from them.

You may be able to claim Discretionary Housing Payment to cover the shortfall, however you would need to contact Wakefield Council to apply for this. For more information visit: Wakefield Council: Discretionary Housing Payment.

You will need to contact Wakefield Council’s Housing Benefit Service on 0345 8 504 504 who will be able to confirm if you qualify.

Option 2: Move to a smaller home

  • You can apply for a mutual exchange. We have teamed up with Homeswapper, a national home exchange provider, to give access to their mutual exchange service. To register and look for exchanges go to www.homeswapper.co.uk.
  • You can apply for a move through our Homesearch scheme. Once registered you can express interest in homes that are advertised each week through the internet, telephone, text message or in person.

If you move you will normally be responsible for paying your removals. 


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