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How do I get medical priority to move home/find another property?

Disability and Special Needs Rehousing

If you have a disability or a medical condition that is making life in your present home difficult and think you need an adapted property that will help you to continue to live independently, you need to contact our Special Needs and Disability Unit to discuss your options.

In order to be eligible for Special Needs Rehousing you need to be a current Homesearch member and meet a set of criteria, which is explained in the Criteria and Procedure for Special Needs Rehousing document.

If you think you meet the criteria you should contact the Special Needs and Disability unit on 01977 724460, or you can email them on adaptations@wdh.co.uk and they will ring you back.

If it is decided that you meet the criteria for Special Needs Rehousing you will be sent an application form asking you for more information about your difficulties.